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    Coldplay concert at PGE Narodowy: the band sang a fragment of the Polish song 'Dream about Warsaw' by Czesław Niemen

    During the concert of a British rock band Coldplay in Warsaw at PGE Narodowy on July 8, 2022, the musicians performed the famous Polish song ‘Dream about Warsaw’ by Czesław Niemen. Also, as a part of the “Music of The Spheres World Tour”, the band performed their best-known songs such as ‘Higher Power’ and ‘Paradise’. The lead vocalist, pianist, rhythm guitarist and co-founder of the band, Chris Martin smoothly connected the lyrics of the song ‘Sparks’ and the iconic Polish song ‘Dream about Warsaw’.

    ‘Dream about Warsaw’ (Polish: ‘Sen o Warszawie’) is a song recorded by a Polish singer and composer, famous for his exceptional voice, Czesław Niemen in 1966. The song’s lyrics were written by Marek Gaszyński.

    The original version by Czesław Niemen:


    It is worth mentioning, that the idea of performing this special song during the concert was coined by the heavy metal band Metallica in 2019. The band published a video of the cover on its official Youtube channel:

    It’s great to hear that foreign famous musicians do their best to sing Polish songs with their original lyrics! We believe that all fans in Poland appreciate the effort and will remember these concerts forever. Perhaps the Coldplay band will also release an official recording from the concert.


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