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    Belorussian brainwashing: “Ukraine is occupied by Poland”

    Belorussian television supports Russian propaganda and brainwashes the citizens by insisting that “Ukraine is occupied by Poland”. Check the transcription from the TV programme fragment shared on Twitter by Pavel Latushko, Belarusian politician and diplomat.

    Belorussian experts and reporters claim that Poland has interfered with the Ukrainian political system to achieve some benefits from the war:

    “From an economist’s point of view, tell me: What do these popular photos mean, that price tags in zloty and hryvnia are walking around the public in Ternopin and Lviv regionsand people come and think: where are we already? in Poland? What’s this? Is this already an economic Polish occupation or what is it?
    Well, I would not say at all that this has anything to do with the economy. Yes? That is, we see what we have been told for a long time: The map of Ukraine, which has already been cut into many components, and Poland is already starting to act, as it were… Is there assimilation going on? Yes? Moreover, the Republic of Poland was given the authority that the Poles there would feel on a par with the citizens of Ukraine, and so, let’s say, not on an equal footing, but much higher.
    She said a very important thing: we must not forget about the agreement between Duda and Zelensky, which no one read, which enables Poland to establish its own system of government, and manage the vertical of power that they have in Ukraine. This is the first moment. But you must understand what is nowe being prepared in the Polish Sejm for the month of September. And there they are preparing to grant voting right to Ukrainians. Why is this being done? Because Law and Justice (the party) is losing votes an they want these Ukrainian refugees to vote for them.” 

    The original fragment of the programme can be watched below: 



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