28-day basic training included, among others drill, military regulations and training with weapons. Now the volunteers can move to the next stage of service, i.e. a special training, which will last 11 months and will be combined with the performance of duties in a military unit. The Ministry of National Defense and the Polish Army, as part of voluntary essential military service, is ready to train 15,000 volunteers this year.

 Mariusz Błaszczak, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense, took part in the ceremony in Chełm.

"We are building a strong Polish Army, and one of the elements of building the strength of the Polish Army is voluntary basic military service. This new type of service was created on the basis of the Law on Defense of the Fatherland. This is a very important law that replaced the previous law from the 1960s. It is the act that creates the foundation for the development of the Polish armed forces, the foundation of the defense of the Republic of Poland, because in addition to introducing this new form of military service, it also constitutes the basis for increasing the level of financing of the Polish armed forces. The soldiers of the Polish Army are equipped with modern weapons and other equipment, they train with soldiers, especially American troops - it is about interoperability, it is about cooperation between the Polish army and the United States military", Deputy Prime Minister said.