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    Polish Music Day

    On October 1, we will celebrate Polish Music Day for the fourth time. This is a social campaign which promotes Polish music and raises Poles’ awareness of the importance of music for the development of Polish culture and economy. The campaign supports the domestic music market and highlights the role of music in everyone’s life.

    “On this day, we want to thank artists and creators for their work and the songs they create for us,” Anna Ceynowa, president of the EMPOWER POLAND Foundation, organiser of the campaign, says. “We would also like to thank music lovers. It is the fans who determine the strength and condition of the music market. Together with the media participating in the campaign, we would like to encourage people to listen to Polish music even more often. The more Polish music we listen to, the stronger the position of the Polish market in the international arena becomes,” she adds.


    What will be happening on October 1?


    On this day, for the fourth time, Polish music will dominate Poland’s largest radio stations and music television stations as well as regional and local radio stations. During Polish Music Day you will be able to hear much more Polish music on radio and television stations than usual, and on selected radio stations throughout the day. We will also be able to listen to programmes with exceptional musical guests and concerts by Polish artists, as well as learn many interesting facts about Polish music and the domestic music market.


    Traditionally, the culmination of the campaign is the symbolic common hour with only Polish music, on nearly 100 stations supporting the campaign, which will sound from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. On October 1, Polish music will also be heard on selected radio stations abroad.


    The Campaign is organised by the EMPOWER POLAND Foundation. The co-organiser of the 4th edition of the Campaign is the Authors’ Association ZAiKS. The partner of the Campaign is the Music Export Poland Foundation.


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