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    Pumpkin Farms in Poland

    In autumn, pumpkin farms gain popularity in Poland. You can have a great photo session and buy fresh and juicy pumpkins there. It is a funny way to spend time with your family and friends. Some farms offer not only beautiful orange veggies but also various attractions such as field games and mazes. Check a list of the most popular pumpkin farms in Poland.

    According to, we present a list of the top 5 pumpkin farms in Poland:


    1. Pumpkin Farm Warsaw

    Pumpkin Farm Warsaw is olocated in Powsin near Warsaw. Visitors eagerly take beautiful photos and feel an amazing atmosphere here. In addition to the perfect scenery for a photo shoot and the opportunity to buy a pumpkin, Pumpkin Farm Warsaw also offers several attractions. You can here, among others ride a tractor and visit a mini-zoo. In addition, there are workshops for children and birthday parties where the youngest learn to grow vegetables. On weekends, however, there is a Nerf battle zone, where children can play with guns filled with foam arrows.



    2. Pumpkin Farm in Wrocław

    This year, Pumpkin Farm in Wrocław was opened for the first time. It is located near Centennial Hall and has an area of ​​approx. 10 thousand square meters. It offers attractions for adults and children – you can ride a tractor, jump on a trampoline, throw a lasso, jump into a corn pool, or get lost in a maze. On the farm in Wrocław, we will also meet friendly animals, such as rabbits, pigs, and goats.



    3. Pumpkin Field in Przybynów

    Pumpkin Field in Przybynów is located near Częstochowa. The farm is known for dozens of pumpkin varieties in different shapes and colors that attract both amateur and professional photographers. The place owes its unique atmosphere to the owners who are willing to engage in local initiatives and are the organizers of, inter alia,  “pumpkin harvesting” in October. All vegetables in the farm come from organic farming.



    4. Lesser Poland: JEdynie

    In Wawrzeńczyce near Kraków, there is a small pumpkin farm where you can not only take beautiful photos but also buy healthy food. The enormity of colorful vegetables and fruits looks great in the pictures and tastes even better. Here you can learn the secrets of pumpkin cultivation and learn how to cook it.



    5. Pomerania: Pumpkin Love

    In order to feel the Halloween atmosphere, the inhabitants of the Tri-City and the surrounding area in October go to the “Pumpkin Love” farm near Gdańsk. In this charming place, you can see over 70 species of decorative pumpkins that create a beautiful background for your photos. “Pumpkin Love” organizes school and outdoor trips. You can relax on the sun loungers or warm up under a blanket there. Children can also have fun in the cornfield and play with animals. In addition, the farm hosts 4 food trucks this year.


    If you look for a place to have a great weekend in autumn, check out these amazing places and catch a moment in Poland full of pumpkins!

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