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    The Russian army is trying to use the mobilized troops [VIDEO]

    The Russian army is trying to use the mobilized troops to resume the offensive in Donetsk. According to experts from the US institute of war studies, these newly established units will not achieve their operational goals due to poor offensive skills. In addition, Russian forces are preparing to retreat from the west bank of the Dnieper.

    The Pentagon announced a new military aid package for Ukraine. This package is worth about 400 million dollars and for the first time will include tanks. According to the Pentagon, these will be the “most technically advanced” tanks on the battlefield in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Putin’s thugs are conducting rocket and artillery attacks, launching indiscriminate kamikaze-drone strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and civilian residential facilities. 


    Ukrainian forces fired on Russian targets near Bakhmut. Kyiv achieves its military success in this area with the use of intercepted Russian artillery. According to Reuters findings, a Russian T-80 tank and mortars were also seized in the area. The equipment is currently being used to attack Russian positions.



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