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    GARDENIA – International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair on October 17th-19th in Poznań

    On 17th-19th, the 16th edition of Gardenia (International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair) will be held at MTP Poznań Expo. Those who have a green thumb will have the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops, listen to the wonderful park managers from Paris, see thousands of colourful flowers and learn more about conscious gardening.

    The sixteenth edition of GARDENIA is aimed specifically at professionals in the gardening industry who, in an environment of business discussions, will successfully plan the activities of their enterprises in 2023. At this point, more than 240 exhibitors have signed up, and the number is constantly growing. This group of exhibitors includes both industry leaders and new companies that will make their debut at the exhibition in Poznań.

    On this year’s Gardenia fair, there will be an opportunity to see and listen to the most outstanding architects and managers of green areas from France. 

    Among others, Erik Benoit will talk about roses and Polish influence on Bagatelle Park in Paris.

    An important aspect of this year’s GARDENIA Fair will be the presence of garden centers, especially those affiliated with the Polish Association of Garden Centers (PSCO) and the DCO Purchasing Group. PSCO will celebrate its 25th anniversary during GARDENIA. The fair will also once again host buyers and senior managers from retail chains. At the next edition – just like last year – the fair will host representatives from the largest chains operating in Poland.

    Decorative inspirations during the Gardenia event will present the topic describing conscious gardening. Nearly 100 florists, including well-known and respected masters from Poland and Europe will demonstrate the latest aesthetic and ecological trends in as many as 13 shows. In addition to the performances including the Advent and Christmas themes that will come in handy when the decorations will surround us everywhere very soon, viewers will also see a show of extraordinary wedding floristics and inspirations directly from Buckingham Palace.

    Check the full programme here

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