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    Inflation is rising

    We pay for the fast pace of economic growth by increasing prices – writes today’s “Puls Biznesu”. Piotr Bielski, Santander Bank analyst quoted by “PB”, indicates that rising inflation is a side effect of economic prosperity.

    The unpleasant surprise at the beginning of 2020 were inflation data – consumer inflation, which is felt most by all citizens, reached 3.4 percent. It is well above analysts’ estimates and forecasts of the National Bank of Poland. Droughts in 2018-19 and African swine fever, both in Poland and in China, have contributed to the increase in prices – informs the daily. The rapid price increase applies to many countries in the region – including Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria as well as Hungary and Slovakia. In the most important countries of Western Europe – in Italy, France and Germany – prices rise by approx. 1.5 points percent slower – notes the newspaper.



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