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    AGH Lunar Technologies Takes a Giant Leap: Lunaris Device Set to Explore Moon in 2025

    In an unprecedented collaboration, AGH Lunar Technologies, a student group from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, is partnering with Dubai-based company Orbital Space to send their Lunaris device to the Moon in 2025. This initiative stems from the group’s victory in the “Experiment on the Moon: Lunar Payload Mission” competition organized by Orbital Space.

    A Lunar Mission Triumph

    AGH Lunar Technologies emerged victorious among 400 global entries, securing the opportunity to launch their Lunaris device into space. The collaboration agreement was officially announced on Wednesday.

    A Pioneering Polish-Emirati Space Venture

    This groundbreaking project marks the first mission featuring a payload constructed by a Polish team, showcasing a significant collaboration between Poland and the United Arab Emirates in the space sector.

    Elevating Educational Initiatives

    The signed agreement with Dubai’s Orbital Space not only facilitates the advancement of the Lunaris project but also underscores the commitment to supporting student initiatives. The coordination of this collaboration will be managed by the Center for Space Technologies.

    Mentorship and Support from Orbital Space

    Dr. Bassam Alfeel, Director of Orbital Space, ensures mentorship and comprehensive support for the young scientists. The mission aligns with Orbital Space’s vision of making space accessible, particularly for students.

    Lunaris Device – A 3D-Printed Lunar Pioneer

    The Lunaris device, designed to study interactions with lunar regolith (moon dust), is a groundbreaking 3D-printed lunar payload. It will explore the challenges of material selection in extreme lunar conditions.

    Key Research for Future Lunar Exploration

    The Lunaris project’s research on material interactions with regolith holds pivotal significance for future lunar exploration missions. Findings could impact the construction of tools, astronaut suits, and lunar lander equipment resistant to lunar surface contact.

    Beyond Space Exploration – Educational Outreach

    The collaboration extends beyond the Moon, encompassing workshops, conferences, and competitions aimed at enhancing public knowledge of space exploration.

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