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    Another Win for the White-and-Reds in the Nations League

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    The fantastic streak of the Polish team continues! The white-and-red squad triumphed over Serbia in a Saturday match of the Nations League, securing a commanding 3-0 victory (25-18, 25-22, 30-28). This marks the fourth consecutive win for Polish volleyball players.

    The first week of this year’s Nations League proved highly successful for the Polish women’s national team. It all started with a thrilling victory in a tie-break against Canada, ending with a score of 3-2. The momentum only grew stronger from there. The defending champions, Italy, managed to secure just a single set against our female squad on Thursday.

    The following day, the Polish team faced off against Thailand. This match turned out to be the easiest for the white-and-reds in Antalya. They claimed a decisive 3-0 victory (25-20, 25-16, 25-15) against the Asian team. 

    Saturday presented the toughest challenge yet: a clash with the world champions, Serbia. The Serbian team could not be underestimated. The white-and-red players began the match with great focus, executing nearly flawlessly in the first set. 

    Despite a nervy start, the second set remained under the control of the Polish team throughout. During timeouts, the team’s excellent atmosphere was clearly visible. They clinched the set with a 25-22 victory.

    Upon returning to the court, a brief moment of chaos ensued. Neither team managed to take the initiative. The points were traded back and forth, with the Serbians gradually building an advantage. However, the Polish team displayed remarkable resilience and staged an impressive comeback. Ultimately, the white-and-reds secured a thrilling 30-28 victory in the set, completing a clean sweep with a 3-0 win in the entire match.

    “Polish women’s national team finishes the first tournament in an impressive style #VNL2023 – Biało-Czerwone defeat Serbia and can boast of the fourth victory in a row,”

    Polska Siatkówka wrote on Twitter. 

    Poland – Serbia 3-0 (25-18, 25-22, 30-28)

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