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    Castle Party 2024: A Gothic Extravaganza in Bolków

    Castle Party, one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest gothic and industrial music festivals, kicks off this Thursday in Bolków. The event will feature dozens of concerts, bringing musicians from Germany, the UK, Sweden, the USA, Norway, and more. Performances will take place on two stages: one in the courtyard of the medieval castle and the other in Bolków park.

    A Celebration of Diverse Musical Styles

    Marcin Pflanz, the festival’s spokesperson, emphasized the wide range of musical styles represented at Castle Party. “We have gathered artists performing in similar aesthetics on each stage,” Pflanz said. The festival isn’t just about concerts; it also includes DJ sets and artistic performances. Every year, thousands of fans of gothic rock, electro, and industrial music flock to Bolków, often dressed in black and sporting elaborate makeup. Attendees come not only from Poland but also from Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK, Scandinavia, and even Brazil this year.

    The first Castle Party was held in 1994 at Grodziec Castle, attracting around 300 attendees. Over the years, the festival grew in popularity, eventually moving to Bolków for its fourth edition due to the original venue’s limited capacity. Now, the event draws several thousand fans from Poland and abroad annually, becoming a major fixture in the gothic music scene.

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