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    Construction of Modern Airport Near Warsaw Reaches Milestone

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    Construction of a state-of-the-art airport, located 37 km west of Warsaw and spanning over 2,000 hectares, is underway, with plans for the inaugural flights to commence in approximately five years. The President of CPK, Mikołaj Wild, described this phase as the project’s culmination, as they transition from the conceptual design to the execution stage, where every element of the infrastructure will be meticulously planned.

    A Significant Undertaking

    Preparatory construction work has already begun, and the next step involves selecting contractors for the fundamental construction tasks, marking one of the largest construction contracts in this part of Europe, as stated by Wild.

    Marcin Horała, the government’s representative for CPK, revealed that construction activities are concentrated on lands acquired under the “Voluntary Land Purchase Program.” The latest data indicates that over 1,000 hectares of land have been procured, with transactions continuously increasing. Additional properties are either awaiting notarization or are in the process of signing agreements or advanced negotiations. Ultimately, more than 2,000 hectares will be required for the airport’s construction and essential infrastructure.

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