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    “Dar Młodzieży” Sets Course with School Youth and Renowned Chef

    The school ship of the Maritime University in Gdynia, “Dar Młodzieży,” set sail on Thursday for a two-month voyage. Itis poised for an enriching two-month voyage. Accompanied by a crew of 32 and eager students, the voyage promises invaluable practical learning experiences.

    A Learning Voyage

    As the fregate sails from Gdynia to Antwerp, students will delve into teamwork, hone sailing skills, and embrace the seafaring life. Among the crew is a special guest, renowned restaurateur Ewa Malika Szyc-Juchnowicz, adding culinary flair to the journey.

    Harbor Highlights

    With Hamburg’s port anniversary on May 9th marking the voyage’s finale, “Dar Młodzieży” will dock amidst the famed Hafengeburstag Hamburg festival. The ship is scheduled to return to Gdynia on May 19th, concluding a memorable educational odyssey.

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