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    Discovering Polish sweets: Warm ice cream

    Warm ice cream, known as “ciepłe lody” in Polish, is a beloved dessert that harkens back to the days of the Polish People’s Republic.

    Originally created as an ersatz food by Polish nutritionists, warm ice cream has made a comeback in modern Poland, evoking nostalgia for the past. Similar treats exist in other cultures, such as Germany’s Schokoküsse, Denmark’s Flødeboller, and Israel’s Krembo, all of which share the moniker “warm ice cream” in Poland.

    Hungary’s Winter Delight

    In Hungary, a similar dessert known as “télifagyi” or “winter ice cream” gained popularity during Soviet times and remains a cherished treat today. Despite its humble origins and relatively low cost, warm ice cream is a calorie-rich indulgence that offers a taste of history and nostalgia for many Poles and Hungarians.

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