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    Energy Bill Increases from July

    Polish households to see energy bill increases from July 1, affecting both electricity and gas costs.

    Starting July 1, households in Poland will see a rise in their energy bills. The maximum price for electricity will be set at 500 PLN per MWh, up from the previous 412 PLN per MWh. This change is expected to add approximately 14.5 PLN to the average monthly bill. Distribution fees will also increase from 289 PLN to 430 PLN per MWh, resulting in an additional 23.5 PLN per month. Despite the removal of the power fee, the total monthly increase, including VAT and excise, will be over 33 PLN.

    Similarly, gas prices are set to rise. The capped price of 200.17 PLN per MWh will be replaced by a new maximum price of 239 PLN per MWh, as approved by the Energy Regulatory Office (URE). This change will lead to an overall increase of around 20% in the average gas bill. Distribution fees, now unfrozen, will also see significant increases, contributing to the higher costs.

    These changes are significant, with households facing notable increases in both electricity and gas bills. Despite the introduction of protective measures, consumers will need to prepare for higher monthly expenses starting in July.

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