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    Farmers Protest Unmet Government Commitments

    Today, farmers gather at parliamentary and senatorial offices following a day-long occupation strike at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Despite an agreement signed in Jasionka on Tuesday, the government has made no progress since March 21st.

    Former Agriculture Minister Gabriel Janowski criticized the lack of action from Prime Minister Donald Tusk, highlighting Agriculture Minister Czesław Siekierski’s uncertain position. Speculation surrounds Siekierski’s potential dismissal, with his deputy, Michał Kołodziejczak, potentially in line to replace him.

    Politicians from the Law and Justice party condemn the government’s inaction, echoing farmers’ frustrations. Former Agriculture Minister Anna Gembicka accuses PM Tusk of deceiving farmers during the election campaign.

    Farmers vow to persist in their demands, with activists visiting ruling party MPs’ offices today. Meanwhile, the government seeks to portray itself as responsive to farmers’ concerns. A major protest is planned for May 10th in Warsaw.

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