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    High Success Rate in Polish National Exams for 2023 Graduates

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    The results of the national exams for the 2023 Polish high school graduates have been announced, revealing an impressive success rate of 84.4%. The Central Examination Board (CKE) reported that among those who did not pass a single subject, 11.3% will have the opportunity to retake the exams in August. The achievements varied among different types of schools, with notable distinctions observed between graduates of general high schools and technical, artistic, and vocational schools.

    Out of the total number of graduates, 11.3% of those who did not pass one subject have the opportunity to retake the exam in August. Among this year’s high school graduates, 91.1% of liceum (general high school) students passed the exam, with 6.4% eligible for a retake. For graduates from technical schools, art schools, and vocational schools of the second degree, the pass rate was 74.6%, with 18.4% eligible for a retake.

    In the written exams, 97% of students passed the Polish language exam, while 88% passed mathematics, and 97% passed English, the most commonly chosen language. Liceum graduates achieved a pass rate of 98% in Polish, 94% in mathematics, and 98% in English. Among technical school graduates, the pass rates were 95% in Polish, 80% in mathematics, and 95% in English.

    Liceum students scored an average of 66% of the maximum achievable points in the written Polish exam at the basic level, 71% in mathematics, and 85% in English. Technical school graduates achieved an average score of 57% in Polish, 51% in mathematics, and 73% in English.

    99.5% of liceum graduates passed the oral Polish exam, and 99.1% passed the foreign language exam. The average scores were 73% for Polish and 82% for the foreign language. Among technical school graduates, 98.6% passed the oral Polish exam, and 96.4% passed the foreign language exam, with average scores of 60% and 67% respectively.

    The Polish high school graduation exam results demonstrate a solid overall pass rate, with variations observed across subjects and different types of schools. While there is room for improvement in certain areas, the achievements of the graduates reflect their dedication and hard work throughout their educational journey.

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