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    Join the 47th Expedition to Hornsund Polar Station on Spitsbergen

    The Hornsund Polar Station in Spitsbergen, Poland, is recruiting participants for its 47th Polar Expedition. Seeking not only scientific staff but also a diverse team including a chef, assistant chef, IT specialist, and hydraulic engineer.

    Year-Round and Summer Expeditions:
    The organizers are looking for individuals interested in participating in either the year-round or summer expeditions. Positions open for application range from meteorologists, hydrochemists, and geophysicists to IT professionals, mechanics, oceanographers, and technical staff, as well as a chef and assistant chef.

    Versatile Skills and Teamwork:
    Applicants with a broad spectrum of skills, often unconventional, are sought. Besides professional qualifications, additional courses, abilities, and passions are considered valuable. Pre-expedition training, including mountain training in the Tatra Mountains, is provided to prepare participants for winter work conditions.

    Professional Equipment Provided:
    Emphasizing teamwork, the organizers assure professional equipment for each participant. The station is well-equipped, featuring outdoor and work attire, specialized gear, a stocked sports warehouse, a library, and a gym. Connectivity with the world is maintained through internet and landline phones.


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