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    Lockheed Martin and Poland team up to boost European defense

    Lockheed Martin, the renowned American defense contractor, has expressed interest in collaborating with the Polish defense industry, according to the country’s Minister of Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak. A production and service center for HIMARS rocket launchers will be established in Poland under the agreement.

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    Deputy PM Mariusz Błaszczak revealed that during his visit to the United States, he held talks with the heads of Lockheed Martin, which yielded many specific agreements. As part of the collaboration, a production and service center for the HIMARS rocket launchers will be established in Poland, not only for the country’s use but also for other European countries. The Polish Minister of Defense also announced that the first batch of the ordered HIMARS units would arrive in Poland by mid-May, with most of them set to be installed on Polish-made trucks by Jelcz. Negotiations are already underway to purchase an additional 500 HIMARS launchers. The Minister added that discussions were held with Lockheed Martin regarding the possible production of Javelin anti-tank missiles in Poland.

    “This year, a HIMARS center will also be built in Poland, similar to the ABRAMS center that already operates in Poland. Our assumption is that the HIMARS center will be a hub for the service and production of HIMARS not only for Polish needs, but also for the needs of European countries. We are well aware of the great interest in HIMARS from other NATO countries and other European countries. We act quickly and intensively. Later this year, HIMARS will be equipped in Poland with soldiers from the 18th Mechanized Division, i.e. the division responsible for the security of the north-eastern part of our country, including for safety on the Suwałki corridor.”,

    said the head of the Ministry of National Defence, Deputy PM Mariusz Błaszczak

    Poland aims to boost its defense capabilities by collaborating with Lockheed Martin, as the United States seeks to increase its production scale for HIMARS units. The new production and service center for HIMARS will not only enhance Poland’s defense capabilities but also contribute to other European countries security. The move will also enable Poland to buy Precision Strike Missiles with a range of up to 500 km, in addition to the previously purchased ATACMS missiles with a range of up to 300 km. Furthermore, the potential production of Javelin anti-tank missiles in Poland would help fulfill the growing demand for this type of weapon. The cooperation between Poland and Lockheed Martin is expected to benefit both parties and promote military cooperation between the United States and Europe.

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