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    Łukasz Barys Wins Tadeusz Różewicz Dramaturgy Award

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    In a grand ceremony on November 18th at the Gliwice Municipal Theatre, Łukasz Barys was honored with the Tadeusz Różewicz Dramaturgy Award for his play “The Seamstress.” The prestigious award, totaling PLN 50,000, recognizes Barys for his poignant exploration of the challenges faced by today’s twenty-somethings—immaturity, narcissism, and the fear of adulthood.

    Barys, known for his poetry and novels, dedicated the award to his mother-in-law, a seamstress whose stories inspired the play. “The Seamstress” delves into the contemporary human condition, questioning the possibility of compassion in relationships.

    The competition received over 90 theatrical works this year, with Barys’ play competing against Anna Wakulik’s “Good Papers” and Michał Kordy’s “Pray the Gay Away” in the final round.

    Initiated in honor of Tadeusz Różewicz, a distinguished figure who lived in Gliwice from 1949 to 1968, the award aims to support playwrights contributing to Polish contemporary drama. The ceremony also featured the online premiere of “Feblik,” a play by Małgorzata Maciejewska, winner of the previous edition. The event concluded with the announcement of the third edition scheduled for the fall of 2024.

    In a city deeply connected to Różewicz’s creative legacy, the award continues to champion emerging talents in the vibrant landscape of Polish theater.

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