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    Morawiecki Commits to Protecting Workers’ Rights Under Law and Justice Party

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has assured the public that the Law and Justice (PiS) party will persist in safeguarding workers’ rights and upholding governmental reforms, irrespective of recent challenges. Despite PiS securing the most votes in Sunday’s election, the party fell short of the majority required in the lower house of parliament, paving the way for the opposition to potentially form the next Polish government. This electoral outcome marks a significant shift, consigning PiS to the opposition after eight years in power.

    Morawiecki delivered this commitment during a Solidarity trade unions congress held in the central village of Spala on Thursday. He declared, “Regardless of the election’s outcomes, the Law and Justice party, which I am honored to represent, will steadfastly protect workers’ rights and uphold social and pro-family policies.” Morawiecki emphasized that the party would also preserve the societal advancements made in recent years, ensuring that the freedoms gained by the people would not be eroded.

    Moreover, Morawiecki pledged to safeguard key policy changes introduced during PiS’s tenure, including substantial tax cuts and minimum wage hikes. These reforms, he noted, have significantly improved the living standards of millions of working individuals, enabling them to lead more dignified lives. Morawiecki’s statements reflect the party’s determination to maintain its core initiatives and prioritize the well-being of the Polish workforce amid evolving political landscapes.


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