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    Oceanographic Expedition BaltArctic Concludes Successfully

    The research vessel “Oceanograf,” belonging to the University of Gdańsk, has returned from a month-long expedition to the Arctic Circle. Despite harsh weather conditions, all planned samples were successfully collected and are ready for analysis.

    Students had the opportunity to gather samples at various research stations on their way back to Poland. The project’s leader, Ryszard Kuczyński, praised the students for exceeding his expectations and gaining invaluable experience.

    Research Objectives and Findings

    The expedition aimed to study the spread of Baltic waters into the Arctic, focusing on chemical substances, potential pollutants like microplastics, and marine organisms. Samples of water and marine life were collected for further laboratory analysis.

    Students learned to use research equipment and collaborate effectively. Partner universities from the SEA-EU alliance also contributed to the main projects and conducted their own research onboard.

    The BaltArctic expedition not only advanced scientific knowledge but also offered students a rare and enriching field experience, potentially shaping the future of Polish oceanography.

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