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    Pharmaceutical Security for Poland: Advocating for Critical Drug Production

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    Barbara Misiewicz-Jagielak, Vice President of the Polish Employers’ Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, highlights the need to ensure pharmaceutical security in Poland, especially in the context of critical life-saving drug production.

    Critical Drugs in the EU

    The European Union has published a list of critical drugs, defining them as essential for continuous treatment, marking a significant step in maintaining citizens’ health.

    Poland’s Role in Drug Production

    Misiewicz-Jagielak emphasizes the necessity of creating a Polish list of critical drugs that should be produced locally. Poland should be a partner in European drug production, especially given the current dependencies on imports from Asia.

    Dependency on Asia’s Situation

    Experts point out the dramatic situation where 80% of the European Union is dependent on active ingredient supplies from Asia, primarily China. The pandemic has highlighted the risks of such dependence.

    Self-Sufficiency and Access to Drugs

    The need for self-sufficiency is stressed, especially when countries close their borders. Local producers should be supported, and critical drugs should always be available, protecting patients from various therapeutic groups.

    Incentives for Manufacturers

    The lack of current investment incentives for critical drug producers is criticized. The reimbursement law promised discounts for patients, but their implementation has been delayed, raising questions about the effectiveness of current regulations.

    Poland’s Potential as a Pharmaceutical Hub

    Misiewicz-Jagielak highlights Poland’s potential as a European pharmaceutical hub. She encourages partner discussions at the EU level, proposing the creation of a Polish list of drugs for production to meet the needs of other countries.

    Challenges and Prospects

    Experts note the lack of government cooperation with Polish drug manufacturers, while other countries are already implementing strategies to restore pharmaceutical production. An appeal is made to the new government for collaboration to guarantee pharmaceutical security for Polish citizens.

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