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    PKP Intercity Set to Procure 35 Hybrid Trains: Tender Announcement Expected by Year’s End

    PKP Intercity plans to announce a tender for the purchase of 35 hybrid trains by the end of the year, according to the vice president of the railway carrier, Tomasz Gontarz.

    “We have all the corporate approvals, and I believe that the tender for 35 hybrid traction units will be announced by the end of this year,” said the vice president.

    Hybrid traction units are vehicles equipped with both electric and combustion engines, allowing the train to travel through sections without an overhead power supply.

    PKP Intercity is a Polish interregional railway carrier that provides transportation between major cities and popular tourist destinations in the country. It connects smaller towns with urban areas and facilitates travel throughout Europe. The carrier offers travel options through four categories of trains: Your Railway Lines (TLK) and InterCity (IC) for economical connections, while Express InterCity (EIC) and Pendolino Express InterCity Premium (EIP) are premium services.

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