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    PM Morawiecki: “If we continue to govern, I want to continue the Strategic Investment Programme”

    “If the voters decide so, and we will still govern, I want to continue the Strategic Investment Programme; I will strive to make such programmes cyclical, both big ones, like the Polish Deal, such as programmes supporting special economic zones,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

    “I wish these programmes were cyclical. Both the big programmes, the cross-cutting ones, like the first and the second edition of Polish Deal, and those that involved raising the development opportunities of particular areas, especially neglected areas.”,

    PM stated.

    As the Prime Minister pointed out, these include a programme of support for former state-owned farming areas, as well as a programme to expand the infrastructure of special economic zones.

    “If the state of the budget allows, we still want to implement the next edition of the Strategic Investment Programme this year.”,

    PM added.

    In his speech, the Prime Minister stressed that the reduction in taxes, including personal income tax, had been introduced by the government. However, it was realised that this is at the same time a loss in current revenues, also for local governments. Therefore, on the one hand, investment and infrastructure programmes are being implemented, and on the other hand, a supplement to this revenue is being introduced.

    The Prime Minister acknowledged that the government has imposed this obligation on itself – the statutory supplement to the subsidy, which is already to be implemented in the third quarter of this year at a similar level to previous years, and is particularly keen to make it fairer.

    He explained that he understands fairness as showing the per capita income of each local authority, which can be considered a fair distribution if the subsidies are distributed in proportion to the GDP of the area or the economic level of development.

    The Prime Minister also stressed that, for him, equitable and sustainable development is based on the opposite algorithm, i.e. redirecting funds where cities and towns are losing their socio-economic functions as a result of the administrative changes and development dynamics introduced. He also pointed out that large centres have greater development opportunities than smaller towns or villages, and stressed that Poland is a polycentric country. He asserted that our cities and towns, spread across the country, could also flourish.

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