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    Poland and South Korea Strengthen Economic and Defence Ties

    Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda, expressed optimism about the expanding economic cooperation between Poland and the Republic of Korea during a meeting with his South Korean counterpart in Warsaw on Thursday. Following the signing of three cooperation agreements between the two countries, President Duda highlighted the positive prospects for bilateral trade.

    “In 2022, the value of Poland-South Korea economic cooperation surpassed USD 10 billion,” stated President Duda during a press conference. This significant figure underscores the growing economic ties between the two nations.

    President Duda also emphasized the recent intensification of Polish-Korean defence cooperation, highlighting the modernization of the Polish Army through the acquisition of Korean military equipment. Poland made substantial military purchases from South Korea last year, including howitzers, tanks, and jets. Notably, seven K2 Black Panther tanks, part of a larger contract valued at USD 5.8 billion for 1,000 K2 tanks, have already arrived in Poland. The agreement stipulates that 180 tanks will be shipped from South Korea, while the remaining 820 will be produced under license in Poland.

    Furthermore, Poland has taken delivery of the first two of 48 FA-50 combat aircraft purchased from South Korea. President Duda expressed his desire for these defence acquisitions to extend beyond imports, envisioning the local manufacturing of Korean defence equipment in Poland.

    President Duda acknowledged the long-standing presence of South Korean companies in Poland, which spans over three decades. He noted the strong relationship between Korean and Polish businessmen, emphasizing the familiarity of Poles with Korean-made products.

    In addition to economic and defence collaboration, President Duda expressed hope for expanded market access to South Korea for Polish food products. He encouraged South Korea to facilitate the necessary procedures, enabling Polish food exports to enter the Korean market.

    The official visit of President Yoon Suk-Yeol of the Republic of Korea, accompanied by his wife, commenced with an official welcome ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. The two presidents engaged in discussions both in a closed-door setting and with the participation of their respective delegations, further solidifying the bonds between Poland and South Korea.

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