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    Poland at a Crossroads: Choosing Between Freedom and External Directives

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    Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, addressed the nation in Kolbuszowa, highlighting a pivotal choice between two divergent paths for the country. He underscored the historical significance of this decision, emphasizing the contrast between a free and sovereign Poland and one dictated by external influences from Europe, Berlin, or Moscow.

    The Choice for Poland’s Future:

    Morawiecki stressed the significance of this juncture, framing it as a choice between a Poland rooted in solidarity, honesty, and freedom versus a Poland subjected to directives from abroad. He drew attention to the achievements of his government in the face of a previous “liberal system,” citing reduced unemployment and increased national control, including during energy crises.

    Tackling Political Opposition:

    The Prime Minister expressed hope for the removal of Donald Tusk from the political landscape, citing Tusk’s stances against referendums and his alignment with Rafał Trzaskowski. Morawiecki further criticized Tusk’s views on projects like Nord Stream 2, highlighting his government’s commitment to economic autonomy.

    The Decision Lies Ahead:

    As Morawiecki concluded, he presented the choice as follows: Poland under Tusk’s influence or Poland under the leadership of PiS, promising prosperity, justice, solidarity, and pride. The final decision, he emphasized, resides with the Polish people.

    When Donald Tusk does not government, unemployment in Poland falls.

    “Today, we have a record number of employees in the Polish economy and record low unemployment – despite the powerful crises that have been raging around us.”

    Morawiecki wrote on X (Twitter).

    Poland finds itself at a pivotal moment, with Prime Minister Morawiecki articulating a choice between a self-determined path of progress and one influenced by external mandates. The decision, as he reiterated, lies with the nation, and the consequences of this choice will shape Poland’s trajectory in the years to come.

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