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    Poland Daily News Report [16-03-2023]

    The Internal Security Agency has smashed a spy network operating on behalf of the Russian secret services. Nine people have been detained. Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said that agents of foreign services had conducted intelligence activities against Poland and had prepared diversionary acts. 

    After the TVN24 report in which St. John Paul II was accused of covering up pedophilia among the clergy, many groups became involved in defending the Holy Father’s good name. In turn, a poll was published today in which the vast majority of respondents answered yes to the question: Is Pope John Paul II a figure of authority for you? 

    Earlier today, the newly inaugurated Czech President, Petr Pavel, visited Warsaw for talks with his Polish counterpart, President Andrzej Duda. 

    Earlier today, the Pentagon released a video which was said to show a Russian military jet coming very close to a U.S. military drone, dumping fuel near it, and damaging the drone’s propeller.


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