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    Poland’s Satellites Soar into Space: A Leap for Science and Technology

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    Polish satellites, including the locally crafted Intuition-1 and the observation satellite STORK-7, embarked on a cosmic journey aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. This mission, named Transporter-9, launched a total of 90 satellites for global clients, marking a significant moment for Poland’s space endeavors.

    Gliwice’s Stellar Inclusion

    Among the microsatellites launched, Gliwice’s Intuition-1 and Poland’s observation satellite STORK-7 stand out. STORK-7, equipped with 28 perovskite solar cells by Saule Technologies, aims to provide precise soil analysis based on multispectral observations.

    Innovation in Space Technology

    Intuition-1, a 6U-class satellite, utilizes cutting-edge technology, including the Leopard Digital Processing Unit (DPU) capable of processing three trillion operations per second. Equipped with the Eagle multispectral camera and Oryx OBCS software, it promises a myriad of potential applications through hyperspectral imaging.

    The Future of Space Data Processing

    KP Labs, with support from the European Space Agency, envisions using Intuition-1 to analyze soil parameters, offering precise data on macroelement content. The satellite symbolizes six years of effort by the company, employing around 80 people dedicated to advancing space-bound data processing devices.

    Testing New Frontiers

    STORK-7, launched with perovskite solar cells by Saule Technologies, represents the first demonstration of perovskite functionality in space. This venture opens possibilities for enhanced power capabilities for small satellites, marking a significant milestone for the Polish space industry.

    Commercial Endeavors in Orbit

    SatRev, a Wroclaw-based company, manages the operation of STORK-7 in orbit. As a commercial entity founded in 2016, it’s among the first Polish companies to place their objects in space.


    Poland’s Space Odyssey Continues
    Poland’s foray into space exploration reaches new heights with the successful launch of Intuition-1 and STORK-7. These endeavors showcase the nation’s prowess in developing innovative space technologies and contributing to global scientific advancements.

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