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    Polish Farmers Issue Ultimatum: A1 Motorway at Risk Amidst Growing Tensions

    Farmers in Poland have issued a stark ultimatum to Prime Minister Donald Tusk, setting a two-day deadline for him to address their grievances or face the blockade of the critical A1 motorway. This announcement unfolded amidst ongoing protests, escalating tensions between the agricultural community and the government.

    Farmers’ Ultimatum Emerges Amidst National Road Blockade

    The ultimatum was pronounced during a blockade of National Road No. 15, as farmers voiced their discontent with the status quo. They expressed frustration over Prime Minister Tusk’s perceived reluctance to engage directly with them in Gronowo, characterizing the previous meeting between the two parties as a choreographed affair.

    Gronowo, serving as the focal point of the protests, witnessed a passionate assembly at the roundabout dedicated to the Solidarity of Individual Farmers. Initially scheduled as a two-day demonstration, the protest has garnered momentum, with farmers steadfast in their determination to press on until their demands are met.

    Agricultural Leaders Extend Road Blockade, Issue Stern Warning to Prime Minister Tusk

    In a press conference on Thursday afternoon, agricultural leaders announced their intent to extend the blockade of road No. 15, a vital conduit linking the Kuyavian-Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian voivodeships. 

    Paweł Sikorski, leading the agricultural strike in the Toruń region, delivered a blunt message on behalf of the farmers. “We await Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s response. Should he fail to heed our call within two days, we will proceed with blocking the A1 motorway. We are prepared to take drastic measures, including ploughing if necessary. Our resolve is firm, undeterred by law enforcement presence,” he declared.

    Sikorski Denounces Meeting as Farce, Calls for Prime Minister’s Direct Involvement Amid Ongoing Protests

    Sikorski underscored the grassroots nature of the protest in Kuyavian-Pomeranian, condemning Thursday’s meeting between the prime minister and a select group of representatives as a sham orchestrated by union activists rather than genuine farmers.

    Directing his remarks to Prime Minister Tusk, Sikorski reiterated the farmers’ demands, emphasizing the necessity of the prime minister’s personal engagement.

    Meanwhile, the protest in Turzno persists, with demonstrators maintaining a blockade at the 136th kilometre of the A1 motorway. Authorities are managing the situation cautiously, facilitating controlled exits from the affected interchange.

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