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    Polish Prime Minister Calls for Cooperative Power Balance in New Parliament

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stressed the importance of using the power balance in the new parliament as a foundation for cooperation rather than confrontational politics.

    Following the general election on October 15, where the Law and Justice party secured the most votes but not a parliamentary majority, Morawiecki acknowledged the need for a more balanced representation in the Sejm.

    He emphasized that the future Sejm would include a diverse array of political parties, from the Left to the Third Way, the Polish People’s Party, and the Confederation. Morawiecki’s message was clear: this power balance should serve as a platform for collaborative efforts aimed at building a better future, promoting cooperation, and fostering constructive opposition.

    The prime minister highlighted the necessity of open dialogue rather than clandestine conflicts among different political factions, emphasizing the importance of a more harmonious and productive parliamentary atmosphere.


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