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    Polish Volleyball Team Defeated the Bulgarians in the 2nd match of the qualifying tournament in Xi’an

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    In the second match of the Olympic qualification tournament held in Xi’an, Poland’s national volleyball team secured a convincing win against Bulgaria, solidifying their position as one of the two unbeaten teams in their group.

    In their first match, Poland struggled against Belgium but eventually triumphed in a thrilling tie-breaker. The second match, however, left no room for doubt as the Polish team dominated Bulgaria in three sets.

    The Serbian coach, Nikola Grbic, made some changes to the starting lineup, including Kamil Semeniuk and Bartosz Bednorz in the receiving positions, with Jakub Popiwczak as the libero. The rest of the lineup remained unchanged, with Marcin Janusz and Lukasz Kaczmarek forming the diagonal duo, and Jakub Kochanowski partnering with Norbert Huber in the middle.

    Poland got off to a strong start in the opening set, capitalizing on a Bulgarian error. Despite some back-and-forth moments, Poland’s solid play led them to a 26-24 victory in the first set.

    The Bulgarians struggled to find their rhythm in the second set, trailing behind Poland throughout. Bednorz’s powerful attack sealed the deal for Poland with a 25-20 win in the second set.

    In the third set, Bulgaria briefly challenged Poland, but the Polish team’s strong serves and consistent play secured a 25-21 win, clinching the match.

    With this victory, Poland now faces a day of rest before returning to the competition on October 3rd, where they will take on the undefeated Canadian team at 10 AM.

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