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    Small Steps, Big Change: Samsung’s Interactive Zone at the Copernicus Science Center

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    A new interactive Samsung zone at the Copernicus Science Center showcases the brand’s sustainable initiatives. This initiative is the result of a long-standing collaboration between Samsung and the Science Center. Starting October 26th, visitors can explore this zone in the main hall of the Copernicus Science Center free of charge.

    The Samsung zone is accessible to all visitors free of charge in the main hall of the Copernicus Science Center from October 26, 2023.

    Strategic Partnership for Science and Education

    Samsung has been a strategic partner of the Copernicus Science Center since its inception. The partnership involves supporting the institution in creating educational programs, events, and providing technological solutions for exhibitions. Copernicus Science Center is all about inspiring people to explore, understand the world, and engage in responsible actions, making Samsung’s new zone a perfect fit for this mission.

    Small Steps, Big Change: Responsibility Starts at Home

    The Samsung zone is an interactive space taking visitors on a journey through the brand’s commitment to sustainable development throughout a product’s lifecycle: from production and distribution to usage and disposal. The motto of the educational exhibition is “Small Steps, Big Change,” illustrating how innovative solutions can minimize the negative impact on the environment at every stage of a product’s life.

    Innovations for Sustainability

    The Samsung zone features information on the newly introduced Less Microfiber™ filter, designed to be connected to washing machines. This filter, a result of a collaboration with Patagonia and Ocean Wise, prevents up to 98% of microplastics released during washing from reaching the ocean, which is equivalent to around eight 500ml plastic bottles per year when used four times a week.

    Samsung also highlights energy efficiency, encouraging users to choose high-energy-rated devices and utilize modern smart technologies for efficient energy management. The SmartThings app allows real-time energy monitoring and management, with an AI Energy Mode that automatically switches connected devices to energy-saving mode.

    Interactive Experience for All Ages

    The interactive space offers various activities, including educational games, puzzles, and creative ideas for reusing Samsung TV packaging. There are also activities for children, making it a family-friendly experience. This is just a glimpse of what Samsung has prepared for visitors.

    Promoting Responsible Habits

    In this interactive space, Samsung encourages discussions on the small steps each of us can take to contribute to significant change. This includes recycling old electronic devices and selecting the right washing machine program. Samsung has collaborated with UNEP/Grid-Warsaw and ElektroEko to create educational content for the interactive exhibition.

    Long-standing Partnership for the Community

    For over 12 years, Samsung has collaborated with the Copernicus Science Center to promote science and education using new technologies, offering educational programs, exhibitions, and additional attractions during events. Samsung’s technological solutions are incorporated into exhibitions and mini-workshops. The company has been the main partner for the Copernican Revolution Workshop and supports “Evenings for Adults,” an event when the Science Center is open exclusively for adults

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