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    Sobolewski calls on Russian Ambassador to refrain from provocative actions on Victory Day

    Chair of the Executive Committee of Law and Justice Krzysztof Sobolewski has called on the Russian ambassador to Poland to refrain from provocative actions on the upcoming Victory Day celebrations, which Russia commemorates on May 9.

    Sobolewski expressed hope that the ambassador would not attempt to pay homage to Soviet occupiers who invaded Poland on Soviet tanks in 1945. Last year, the Russian ambassador, Sergey Andreev, attempted to lay flowers at the Mound of the Soviet Soldiers in Warsaw but was met with demonstrations and protests.

    Poland suffered immensely under Nazi and Soviet occupation during World War II, and the Soviet invasion is still a painful memory for many Poles. Sobolewski stressed that the Soviet “liberation” brought about by the Red Army was not a true liberation, but rather a change of one occupation for another, which lasted far longer and inflicted enormous losses on Polish society.

    Sobolewski warned that if the Russian ambassador attempted to repeat last year’s actions, the Polish government’s response would be decisive and firm. While Sobolewski did not explicitly call for the expulsion of the ambassador, he made it clear that he personally believed such an action would be appropriate.

    The tensions between Poland and Russia have remained high for years, with historical grievances and contemporary political disagreements fueling the animosity. The Polish government’s emphasis on national sovereignty and independence has clashed with Russia’s expansive vision of its role in the region, including its annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its ongoing support for separatist rebels in Ukraine.

    As Victory Day approaches, the possibility of further diplomatic incidents cannot be ruled out. The Russian embassy in Warsaw has not yet commented on Sobolewski’s remarks, but the Polish government’s stance on the matter is clear: any attempt to honor Soviet occupiers in Poland will not be tolerated.

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