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    “Testament of the First Republic” for Zelensky. Sakiewicz: We want Ukrainian elites to read it

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    “Today’s celebration is devoted to the Ukrainian version of the book. The Ukrainian ambassador was the first to receive it. He is also to hand the book over to President Zelensky.” This is what its author Tomasz Sakiewicz said about the book “Testament of the First Republic”. The book in its new edition was also published in Ukrainian.

    During the XXX Historical Book Fair in the Kubicki Arcades of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, a meeting was held to discuss the second, expanded edition of Tomasz Sakiewicz’s “Testament of the First Republic”. The book has now been published in the Ukrainian version, among others. 

    In an interview with TVP Info, the editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Polska” and “Gazeta Polska Codziennie” spoke not only about the book but also about the current situation in Ukraine.

    “Today, this war is a war over whether nations in Central Europe will govern themselves or listen to the will of Moscow and Berlin,” said Tomasz Sakiewicz. Referring to the book, the author stressed that “today’s event is devoted to the publication of the Ukrainian version. This is the second edition of the Polish version, which has been revised. The first came out with the first war in 2014,” he noted. 

    “The joint Polish-Ukrainian struggle is visible. Ukrainians with our weapons are fighting, our advisors are training them, and we are welcoming them into our homes. Today’s celebration is that the book was published in the Ukrainian version. The Ukrainian ambassador was the first to receive it. He is also to give the book to President Zelensky. We would like the Ukrainian elite to be able to read it,”

    the author of the book said.

    Sakiewicz also revealed what he had heard from the Ukrainian ambassador during an author meeting at the History Book Fair. 

    “The Ukrainian ambassador thanked Poland’s tremendous assistance. Without this help, Ukraine could have been in a much worse situation. He pointed out that this togetherness turned out to be real. Seeing the common heritage, we oppose Russian imperialism,”

    Tomasz Sakiewicz said.

    Another question was how it is with this reading of history books. Do Poles eagerly reach for such literature?

    “The first edition had an edition of 50,000, we will see how it will be with the second one. You can see the crowd, the rush, the great interest. History is only an extension of the present. You can’t tell anything about a man without telling his story. A man without telling his story is just a picture,”

    Sakiewicz concluded.
    (“Handing over the book Testament of the First Polish Republic to the Ukrainian ambassador with a request to hand over to President Zelensky,” Sakiewicz wrote on Twitter.)

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