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    The ‘Loret – Forester with Character’ movie

    The filming of the movie ‘Loret – Forester with Character’ has been completed. It tells the story of Adam Loret, the visionary first General Director of the State Forests, who was instrumental in unifying Polish forestry after the partitions. The movie explores Loret’s life, his fight against the English company Century, and his eventual capture and probable murder by the NKVD.

    Adam Loret was the first director of the State Forests. A reformer, a forester by blood and bones. On 17 September 1939, when the Soviets invaded Poland, Adam Loret tried to save the valuable forest archives. He was caught and killed. To this day the circumstances of his death are unknown.

    The film was shot in places like the Niepołomice Forest, where enthusiasts of forest traditions helped with historical reconstructions, and in Jasło, where snapshots were taken of Adam Loret’s past. Bogdan Miszczak is the producer of the film, and Marcin Głowacki directed it. The movie will be released in cinemas this summer, and Mariusz Konopka was responsible for the cinematography.

    “The first scenes of the film show the youthful period in the life of the future chief executive, the adventures in love and the maturing of his decision to study forestry in Lviv.”, reveals Bogdan Miszczak, the film’s producer.

    “The motif of Loret’s fight against the plundering activities of the private English company Century, which is devastating the Białowieża Forest, resonates strongly. In doing so, Loret exposes himself to the NIK president. There will also be drastic scenes of interrogation by the NKVD, with contemporary foresters also appearing as extras on set.”

    Young Loret’s mother is played by Dagny Mikoś, his father by Mateusz Mikoś, while the role of Director Loret himself is played by Lesław Żurek and his wife by Katarzyna Misiewicz. Also on set was Mariusz Bonaszewski in the role of Piłsudski and President Mościcki was played by Wojciech Skibiński.

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