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    Transformation of Poland’s Railway Line No. 202: Faster, Safer, and Greener

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    Poland’s Railway Line No. 202, connecting Gdynia-Chylonia to Słupsk, is about to undergo a significant transformation, thanks to a €61 million investment. This project, set to be completed by 2028, is a game-changer for the region, with benefits extending beyond speed enhancements.

    The modernization plan includes rebuilding track foundations, expanding the second track from Wejherowo to Słupsk, constructing new stations, and upgrading existing ones. In the future, state-of-the-art computerized rail traffic control systems will be implemented, ensuring smoother operations. Passenger trains on this line will reach maximum speeds of up to 160 to 200 kilometers per hour in some sections, boosting capacity and punctuality.

    This overhaul aims to make rail travel more attractive, encouraging a shift from road to rail transport. It’s a transformation that promises not only speed but also safety, capacity, and quality, ushering in a new era for Poland’s railways.

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