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    WW2 bomb beneath Warsaw. 1500 inhabitants evacuated!

    A German bomb from the Second World war weighing 500 pounds or 250 kilograms has been found during construction work on Warsaw metro. Before removing the bomb, city authorities evacuated 1,500 people from nearby buildings. If an explosion had occurred, it would have destroyed the area within a 1,200 meter radius..

    Traces of the Second World War have survived on many Warsaw buildings to this day. After the 1944 Uprising, the Germans almost completely destroyed the city, libraries, paintings and the livelihoods of a million inhabitants.
    Underground, the remains of the conflict still haunt us today. The 500-pound bomb discovered yesterday was buried in concrete, with engineers having to use heavy construction equipment to remove it. 
    Following removal, the bomb went to Toruń where it was detonated at a training ground.


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