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    Motion to arrest inspectors from Smoleńsk filed by the Attorney General

    The Attorney General Office filed a motion with the court for the temporary arrest of three inspectors working at the Smolensk airport on April 10, 2010. This is the first step to issuing an international arrest warrant. The charges against the inspectors concern the deliberate action to cause an air traffic disaster, resulting in the death of many people. The decision of the Attorney General Office was commented on by the chairman of the subcommittee of the Ministry of National Defense for the re-examination of the Smolensk disaster, Antoni Macierewicz, exclusively for TV Republika.


    “The goal of the motion of the Attorney General filed with the court is the arrest of the people responsible for the incorrect aircraft navigation directions, which in turn contributed to this tragic airplane crash. It is a very thought out and correct move by the Polish authorities. The subcommittee which I am the chairman of has already been delivering many pieces of evidence over the last two years. In every volume of the report we have been giving to the Attorney General’s office, there is proof that the flight controllers, the inspectors, are guilty of misleading and redirecting the Polish presidential plane away from the correct line of descent, to the incorrect location in a plain field, so that the airplane would inevitably crash. Luckily or unluckily, the Polish pilots realized the trap and that they had been tricked. They began to pull up to attempt a second approach of landing when the explosion that caused the air disaster took place. That was the second phase of events which was predicted and carefully planned by perpetrators. The motion to the court in order to begin the prosecution of those who started the events which lead to this assasination clearly shows that the Attorney General’s office and the Subcommittee on Re-examination of the Smolensk Crash are on the same page as to what really had happened. We are dealing with the assasination of the Polish President and the Polish elite”, stated Antoni Macierewicz. 


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