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    March for life and family took place in Warsaw

    Today the 15th March for Life and Family passed through Warsaw streets. About 2 thousand participants, among whom was President Andrzej Duda, walked under the motto “Let’s defend families together”. TV Republika was the media patron of the March.

    Today, all those who want to uphold traditional Christian values passed through the streets of Warsaw under the motto “Let’s defend families together”. The aim of the March for Life and Family is to affirm marriage, oppose the adoption of children by homosexual couples, and defend unborn children. The participants of the March for Life and Family began a pro-family demonstration at Castle Square at noon. 

    “We came from Tychy, Silesia and we have been organizing marches for life and family there for five years now. Unfortunately, this year there was no agreement to it, so we came to support the Warsaw march. We are representatives of large families and we want such a normality consisting of a normal family, where mom, dad and children are the foundation, to be respected, too” said one of the participants of the march.

    The Krakowskie Przedmieście March ended with the Holy Mass in the Basilica of the Holy Cross, celebrated by Fr. Dominik Chmielewski, who recalled the story of the mother of Pope John Paul II.

    “The complications were so great when she was pregnant with little Karol that her life was in danger. The doctor kept urging her to have an abortion, and she said, <> Had she made a different decision, we wouldn’t have one of the greatest saints in the history of the Catholic Church.” said Fransciscan Dominik Chmielewski. 




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