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    Unruly Unbreakable Cursed Film Festival takes place in Gdynia

    Today is the third day of the “Unruly, Unbreakable, Cursed” International Film Festival taking place in Gdynia, which has already become a permanent feature in the Polish film calendar. One of the works presented today was the film “Baśka” – a production of two editors of Telewizja Republika: Dorota Kania and Anna Zapert.


    “We are here on the third day of the “Unruly, Unbreakable, Cursed” festival in Gdynia. Right behind me in the Gdynia Film Center and in the open-air cinema film screenings are taking place today, and there are a great number of them. These are feature films, among others “Kurier” by Władysław Pasikowski or “Dolina Bogów” by Lech Majewski, moreover, there is a special meeting taking place with the director of the latter film. Apart from that, documentary films are also being displayed today – among which is a film by Dorota Kania, who you may know from TV Republika, had its premiere. Mrs. Kania showed today that she is not only an investigative journalist, but also a documentary filmmaker and director of “Baśka”. Many other documentaries were presented today, both Polish and foreign. 

    Lots of movie-related emotions are still ahead of us, as the festival is still going on on Sunday. There will be film screenings, panel discussions, and workshops. Tomorrow the festival will be culminated with the closing ceremony, during which we will find out the winners of all five categories, including new categories such as feature film and music video.” said Magdalena Bałkowiec from Tv Republika reporting from Gdynia. 


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