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    New leader of main opposition party in Poland announced

    Cezary Tomczyk has become the new head of the Civic Platform Parliamentary Club. Tomczyk replaced Borys Budka, who combined the position of head of the party and the Civic Platform club.


    “We leave the disputes behind and go straight towards the future to build the Civic Coalition. I do not have the slightest doubt that the Civic Coalition is the only project that can realistically oppose what is happening in Poland, it is also a great hope for the future, it is a project to be nurtured and developed. I also wanted to thank all my colleagues, MPs and senators for every vote, but this is also a huge challenge. I also ask for your forbearance, because we haven’t met in this role yet, so once again I would like to thank you very much and stress again very strongly that we are coming out of this club strengthened. Today is the time to work on the future, there is the time to clearly present the alternative and there is the time to finish internal affairs.” said Tomczyk on Twitter.


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