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    Alligator found in the swamps near Wrocław

    While the Polish storks have left the country for Africa for the winter, another exotic animal seems to have come to Poland. Strollers near the Oder river in Wrocław reported to have seen an alligator! It is yet unclear how the animal ended up there. The Polish services managed to catch the reptile on Sunday.

    “Gazeta Wrocławska” daily first reported on the matter. The reptile was observed on Saturday by the Oder river at the Rędzin district of Wrocław. The shocked strollers were quick to call the emergency services. Upon arrival, the local police called specialists from a nearby zoo. It is still unclear how the alligator ended up at the Polish swamps. The animal is approximately one metre long and was caught around 1 pm and no longer poses a threat for Sunday strollers.



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