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    Nearly 500 fines for not wearing masks were issued on Wednesday

    By checking the obligation to cover the mouth and nose, we have already instructed over 170,000 people, punished over 20,000 with a fine, and on Wednesday alone there were 475 cases. In over 7,500 cases we sent motions for punishment to the court, spokesman for the Chief of Police inspector Mariusz Ciarka informed on Thursday.

    The head of Health Ministry Adam Niedzielski and the Chief of Police, Jarosław Szymczyk, stressed on Tuesday that compliance with the restrictions is not only our duty to ourselves, but also our responsibility before other people. They announced a “zero tolerance policy” for non-compliance with restrictions related to covering the nose and mouth.

    As the Chief’s spokesman reminded, the sanitary inspector may impose a fine of PLN 5,000 to 30,000.

    “Police interventions most often concern not complying with the obligation to cover the mouth and nose as well as gathering. We always call for compliance with the applicable restrictions in the first place, we inform and communicate messages, also if possible using sound devices,” insp. Ciarka explained.

    In addition, from the beginning of the activities, the police, together with the State Sanitary Inspection, carried out over 470,000 inspections in public transport, in commercial premises and discos.

    Police officers verified people sent to quarantine over 17.5 million times.


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