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    Bronisław Wildstein wins the Lech Kaczyński award

    Bronisław Wildstein is this year’s winner of the President Lech Kaczyński Award. The presentation of the award took place today as part of the “Poland: A Great Project” Congress.

    When presenting the award, Kaczynski said that Wildstein is an extraordinary man because of the multitude of his interests and what he did “first of all with his pen, but also as a democratic opposition activist from the 1970s.” But most of all,” he added, “he wrote many outstanding novels, he is an excellent essayist, publicist and a man who goes against the current.

    The chairman of the Law and Justice party went on to say: That is to say, he has not been out of the mainstream in any way, and at no time in his active life, and this is not an easy matter. Everyone who lived this way knows that this attitude has numerous, often very difficult to accept consequences.

    Kaczynski congratulated Wildstein on receiving the award and expressed his belief that this is also an important moment for him, because he follows the road that makes Poland, contrary to what some important people say, on the good side of history. 



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