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    Poland celebrates Papal Day

    Today is the Papal Day established 2 decades ago to commemorate the heritage of John Paul II. The initiative that has accompanied the Papal Days from the beginning is a scholarship program for gifted youth from impoverished families.

    The celebrations of the 20th Papal Day took place in several places across Poland, including the St. Cross Basilica in Warsaw where bishop Michał Janoka held a special Holy Mass. The Papal Day is celebrated to honour the memory of pope John Paul II, on a Sunday preceding the day Karol Wojtyła was chosen as the head of the Catholic Church. On this day, the „Work for the New Millenium” Foundation also celebrates its anniversary. The foundation supports promising and poor youth, both in their educational and spiritual growth. Two thousand students receive scholarships every year. 

    „This is a great opportunity for me, for my development, which allowed me to study in Warsaw in the first place, and it would be entirely different if not for the scholarship.” said one of the recipients of the scholarship, Filip Popłowski.

    One can become a scholarship holder already in 7th grade. The work of the Foundation, through spreading the teachings of the Polish pope among the youth, is a live monument for saint John Paul II.

    „All of this would never be possible if not for the support of the scholarship holders and if not for the collection which takes place today, during Papal Day.” stated Hubert Szczypek, the head of the press office of the Foundation.

    During its 20 years of activity, the Foundation Work for the New Millenium supported thousands of students and around 200 million zloty were allocated for their growth.






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