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    Exercises of over 700 soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces

    Over 700 soldiers of the 3rd Podkarpacka Territorial Defense Brigade took part in combat exercises last weekend, the spokesman of the brigade, captain Witold Sura informed. He added that, at the request of the provincial police commander, soldiers again help policemen to check whether people sent to quarantine do not break the law.

    The spokesman recalled that over the past three months, the training of soldiers has been focused on improving specialist competences and cooperation with other services.

    “Last weekend we returned to combat training. Over 700 territories participated in it. In the rotational training in their respective areas of responsibility, they conducted defense and tactical-fire classes,” capt. Sura emphasized.

    The exercise was attended, among others, by soldiers from the Mielec company. They took part in the municipal defense classes “Przecław – October 2020”. The organizer of the training was the town hall in Przecław. As capt. Sura said, the soldiers practiced, among others, evacuation of personnel from the endangered area and buildings.

    At the request of the voivode, the Podkarpacka brigade also delegated three medical teams to support the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station.


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