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    Almost 440 schools operate remotely

    1382 educational institutions work in a mixed mode and 438 in a remote mode. The rest, 46.6 thousand, operate normally, the Ministry of National Education reported today. On Thursday the number of schools with non-full-time operating mode is the highest since the beginning of the school year.

    46 619 kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions work in the stationary mode, that is 96.15 perc. of all. In the mixed mode, with learning conducted partly at school and partly at home, there are 1,382 institutions, that is 2.85 perc. of all. And 483 educational facilities work only remotely, that is 1.00 perc.

    Last week on Monday, the number of institutions in which the teaching regime was changed with the approval of the sanitary authority decresed compared to the previous week. On Monday, 418 educational facilities worked in the mixed mode, and 94 in the remote mode. On Tuesday, 401 institutions worked in the mixed mode, and 86 in the remote mode. On Wednesday, the number of branches working in a mode other than remote began to increase.

    Last Monday, 821 branches were working in mixed mode, and 264 in remote mode. On Tuesday, 801 branches were working in mixed mode, and 284 in remote mode. On Wednesday, 1,037 branches worked in the mixed mode, and 375 in the remote mode.


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