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    Assistance for students without access to remote education

    The school headmaster will be obliged to organize stationary or remote classes on the school premises and using the equipment located there for those students who cannot otherwise use remote education, the head of the Ministry of National Education, Dariusz Piontkowski informed.

    “According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, from Monday October 19, secondary schools are changing the way they function. In all those poviats with a red zone, secondary schools are switching to remote education, there are no full-time classes for most students in schools. This does not include practical classes,” the Minister of National Education said on Friday.

    “In the poviats with the yellow zone, secondary schools switch to a mixed system, that is one half of the students continue their education and the other half switch to remote education. We leave the way of organizing this education to school principals so that they adapt this form to the conditions in the school. Also in the yellow zone these restrictions do not apply to practical classes,” Piontkowski informed.

    He stated that these restrictions also did not apply to special schools, special educational centers, because – as he explained – there are students with special educational needs there and they should be provided with direct contact with teachers and educators, if possible.


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