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    Second lockdown more and more probable

    According to unofficial information, the Polish government is considering the introduction of a second lockdown which would mean Polish schools returning to online education, and people may only be able to leave their homes in order to travel to work. In an interview for the ‘Fakt’ daily, Adam Niedzielski, the Polish Minister of Health spoke about the possible introduction of new restrictions.

    “Certainly, the situation is not going to improve to such an extent that we can think about Christmas in a traditional way. (…) If we continue to observe the growth rate, I will be telling the Prime Minister that a complete lockdown is a good idea. The number of beds cannot be increased for an indefinite period of time. (…)

    We are preparing for a scenario where an increase in the number of infections is exponential, that is from 20 to 25 thousand infections daily at the end of this week. But if the restrictions introduced two weeks ago are effective, the pace should slow down. We will see what is going to happen at the end of this week. This week will be very important from the point of view of the future.” said Minister Niedzielski.


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